Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our First Family Christmas

I am sorry that this post has taken so long to get out, I have tried several times to post it but could not get the picture to upload the way that I wanted them to. I finally decided to post the pictures first and then tell you how we spent our Christmas this year. We spent our Christmas Eve doing some shopping, both John and I had gifts that we wanted to get each other but we wanted to pick them out with each other. After we were done shopping I had to hurry back so I could finish John's list of Christmas snacks he wanted to me to make, and he and Peyton could get some much needed Daddy/Daughter time. The next morning we woke up to find all the gifts Santa brought for Peyton, some of her bigger presents were already set up the other we took over to Billy and Nancy's house to open together. I would list all of the gifts that our little one got but it might crash the entire site so here is a list of a couple gifts Pey Pey got: Bumbo (a little chair that helps her sit), a swing, a jenny jump up, an activity jumping center, and a tummy time play gym (her favorite). We can not wait until next year when she can actually open her gifts by herself!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1st Visit to Santa

Last Thursday Peyton's Aunt Em had a performance at our local mall. Since her Daddy was home, we also decided we would take this oppurtunity for Peyton's 1st visit with Santa! So she got all dressed up for the festivites in her "I love Santa Shirt" and her Holiday bow. Peyton was so excited to see her Aunt Em and listen to her performance, that by the time we got to Santa all she could muster was a cute little pose which completely won Santa over (seriously how could it not). So we can gladly say that we are 100% positive she will get everything on her tiny little wish list.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Happy Little Girl

Friday, December 10, 2010

Bottle Time

Just like her dad Peyton Loves to eat so much that she can't consume her intense feelings during her feedings. She squeezes her hands and clenches into a fist trying to will the food to come faster. Its so cute!

Home Girl Loves Bath time

Peyton's personal photo shoot.

If you have not had enough of this hot piece of ass already. Check these pics out!

Peyton with her cousins

I mentioned this earlier but Peyton took some cute pics with her cousins for my parents to enjoy. What an adorable little chunk.

Thanksgiving with Peyton

My sister Camille and My mom came to the hospital when Peyton was born but other than that no had met her yet till Thanksgiving. My sister Annette was able to fly out at the last minute and my brother Jed and my dad were able to hold her and cuddle with her for the first time. She also got to meet all of her cousins and take pics with them. Welcome to the Bassett family Mrs. Peyton.

Welcome the newest member of our family!

So Peyton was born! And now I have all the reason in the world to blog. She was born on October 29th after a couple of long days on plutosen trying to induce labor and stil not dialating at ALL! We ended up doing a c-section and our beautiful baby girl came into the world. Gloria Peyton Driver is the sweetest cutest baby ever and we are so excited to watch her grow.