Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lets Go Fly A Kite

So, yesterday Emily and I were at Kroger and saw some kites. So Emily picked out a Nylon Barbie kite. Since I have a new job now today was the first day that I had time to fly it with her. A storm was blowing in so the wind was coming and going in gusts. John and I were trying to get the kite back in the air, and some how we got the kite stuck in a neighbor's tree. I really didn't care, however John being the good guy that he is said it was not right. So he decided the best method to retrieve the kite was to climb a 20ft tree. Poor Emily was so afaird that he was going to fall that she told me she was going to wait by the front door, and if she heard me scream she would call 911. Well, John climb the tree got the kite and did not get injured. I have included some pictures for you.

Here he is at the top of the tree getting the kite.